Updated 6/6/13


The Gray J Ranch is located in the beautiful Rogue River Valley ten miles north of Grants Pass Oregon and is owned by Ernesto & Jean Jajan. We have 7 acres atop Windy Ridge at the base of Mt. Sexton where we raise a small herd of Kinder goats.

We got started into goats with two little weanling pygmies to keep down the brush. We were hooked on goats and the Nubians and Boers soon followed. We decided to down size our herd both in numbers and size.  We kept our original Boer Buck and two of our favorite Boer does along with our Nubian does and bred our Nubians to a Pygmy buck to start our Kinder herd.

Please take a few minutes and visit our Bucks, Does and Kids as well as our Sale page. The barnyard will introduce you to the other inhabitants of the Gray J.

Our links page has links to many educational goat sites as well as goat supplies and the sites of a few of our friends.

Visit our newest endeavor Wild River Soaps. These are hand made decorative goats milk soaps. Stop by the Wild River.


Contact us
Ernesto & Jean Jajan
750 Oxyoke Rd.
Grants Pass, OR 97526
(541) 218-9654
e-mail: grayjranch@charter.net